US Soccer announces independent investigation

US Soccer announces independent investigation
US Soccer / Photo: Jorge O. Martinez /

Text: US Soccer / Photo: CentroDeportivo

U.S. Soccer has retained Sally Q. Yates of King & Spalding LLP to lead an independent investigation into allegations of abusive behavior and sexual misconduct in women’s professional soccer. Ms. Yates is a former U.S. Attorney and Deputy Attorney General of the United States who has extensive experience conducting complex and highly sensitive investigations. She spent nearly three decades in public service at the Department of Justice under both Republican and Democratic administrations and now specializes in internal and independent investigations for public and private organizations.

U.S. Soccer takes seriously its responsibility to vigorously investigate the abhorrent conduct reported, gain a full and frank understanding of the factors that allowed it to happen and take meaningful steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

Ms. Yates’ investigation will begin immediately and she will be given full autonomy, access and the necessary resources to follow the facts and evidence wherever they may lead. U.S. Soccer remains committed to sharing the results of the investigation when it concludes.