Jay Gruden: "Last year is dead and gone"

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Head Coach Jay Gruden

Source: Redskins Public Relations / Photo: Jorge O. Martínez / CentroDeportivo.com

On injuries:

“Out will be Ryan Anderson, knee; Zach Brown, illness/knee/Achilles; Ziggy Hood, elbow. Questionable will be Rob [Robert] Davis, concussion; [Martrell] Spaight, ankle/illness; [Maurice] Harris, back; [Kyle] Kalis, back/ankle; [Terrell] McClain, toe; [Ryan] Kerrigan, calf.”

On what would happen if LB Martrell Spaight is unavailable:

“What would happen? We’ve got Josh Harvey-Clemons ready to go and Otha [Peters]. We have three, but we’re hoping that he goes. The sickness – he was out there today and did a lot of stuff today, so he looked a lot better but we put him down as questionable.”

On if LB Ryan Kerrigan’s consecutive starts streak factors into the decision:

“No, no. I mean, no, the injury does. If he can’t run, then he won’t play. He did a little bit today, so he looks like he’s on the upward trend as to playing.”

On LB Zach Vigil:

“I’ve been very, very impressed with Zach Vigil. I mean, he’s done a great job. Last week, I think he had 12 solos and two assisted tackles. The most impressive to me is the way he communicates the defense. Coming over here late in the game as he did – of course he was here in training camp, but still – coming over here and being able to communicate the defense like he did effortlessly has been a blessing in disguise. He’s been outstanding, not only with the communication, but his play. He’s reading the runs and fitting and a solid tackler and he’s been good in pass coverage.”

On if he wants to see WR Robert Davis get more reps:

“I’d like to but at the end of the day we are still going to play our best guys. Then we have to worry about his concussion issue. He ran down on an opening kickoff and avoided one guy and pop, so his game was cut short. But we would love to look at all these young guys but the most important thing for us is to get the win and worry about the young guys later. There is plenty of time for them to get work.”

On if he talks to the team about the loss to the Giants in Week 17 last year:

“Not really. Last year is dead and gone, so we are just trying to move on and we understand when the Giants come to town, or we go to their place, what type of game it is going to be. Same with Philadelphia and the same with Dallas. Any game within our division, we know what type of game it is going to be regardless of the circumstance. They should be aware of that. We have to perform better within our division to have a chance moving forward. So it is an important game. We have to get used to trying to win these games in our division.”

On LB Zach Brown’s year:

“He played well. He led the league in tackles – or he was leading the league in tackles – there for a while so he obviously had an impact on our football team. [He] did some good things, ran around and the injuries cut his season short without a doubt. But to come in here year one and pick up the system as he did, communicate it and he stayed pretty healthy for the most part and played well. Obviously you love his speed sideline to sideline. There are some things to clean up. We would love to have him back for another year with the same defense, but we understand that he is a free agent and we don’t know what it is going to happen there. But I think he had a positive impact on this defense.”