Kirk Cousins: "This league changes so quickly"

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Source: Redskins Public Relations / Photo: Jorge O. Martínez / 

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injuries:

“Did not participate was [Martrell] Spaight with an illness, ankle; [Brian] Quick was also sick. [Ziggy] Hood, elbow; Robert Davis is in concussion protocol; Zach Brown, knee, Achilles, he’s also sick; and Ryan Anderson, knee. Limited were Maurice Harris, back; Morgan Moses, ankle; Terrell McClain, toe; and [Kyle] Kalis sprained his ankle a little bit today.”

On if there is a chance that LB Zach Brown or LB Ryan Anderson could play Sunday:

“I would probably say Ryan, yeah, maybe. Zach, probably not.”

On Anderson’s rookie year:

“Well, he’s played behind, like I said, that whole rotation, that whole group. From a rotation standpoint, he’s probably got the bare bones as far as reps being behind Ryan [Kerrigan] and Preston [Smith] and Junior [Galette] – obviously him being the fourth guy or third guy, however you want to spin it. I think overall, just learning the game and the grind of a 16-week season has been good for him. I just talked to him today and I really expect guys from year one to year two to make the significant jump. Get their feet wet year one, understand what it’s all about, what the season’s like, what they need to do with their body in the offseason to get ready for the second year. So, I think it’s been a good experience for him.”

On if he has a strong enough assessment of the rookies to be able to project for next year:

“Yes… [Laughter] Yeah, I think with all the rookies that played, I think we saw obviously some good, some things we can coach up and make them better, but also getting to know them as people and what they can expect coming into next year and getting their body stronger, like I said, get themselves mentally ready and physically ready to play in the offseason. But we do have great evaluation on all of them. All of them got a chance to play, for the most part. Moving forward, we know what we have in the building and know what we have to work with and know what we need to work with them with – the skill set, strength and just their mental awareness of what’s going on in the NFL and what the NFL season is all about because it’s a heck of a lot harder.”

QB Kirk Cousins

On how he feels about his future with the organization with the year almost being over:

“Yeah, I think that the key is that the year is ‘almost’ over. The year is not over. So my focus is on the Giants, just as it has been every single week all season long. Nothing has changed. Part of the reason that I am doing that event in Fairfax January 5 is to take the necessary time to answer these kinds of questions, talk through it and give it its due diligence. Until we finish with the Giants, I don’t really feel a need to go there. I think that we can focus on – as we have all season –the next opponent and beating the Giants and try to finish right. And then there will be plenty of time to go through all those different angles.”

On if he looks at the future of the Redskins differently than he did at the beginning of the season:

“I think, again, I’m looking at the future as Sunday against the New York Giants. That’s really where my future is right now and when we finish that game, get on the flight home, have a chance to decompress and have conversations, then we will be able to talk. That’s where Friday, January 5’s opportunity should be more helpful for all of you to hear insight and what I’m thinking and where my mind is at. We have got enough to focus on with the Giants this week, as we have every week all season long. We do that and it will be a much better feeling coming away from the season winning the final three games, but if you lose the last game, it stings for a while.”

On the balance of being honest and trying to say the right thing:

“Yeah, it is a tricky balance to walk. That’s a great question. I think for the most part though there is a way to communicate effectively and clearly while still being careful. I think for the most part we have been able to do that. As I’ve said many of times, this league changes so quickly, circumstances change, that it can be hard to ever be held to something that you say because things change, opinions change and you never know what the next week or month may bring. But I do desire… You know, the fans are what this league what it is. If we didn’t have the fan support, it wouldn’t be what it is, so I want to make sure there is direct engagement there with our fan base as opposed to being from a distance, having a middleman or never really engaging them. I think it’s just a unique, cool opportunity and I want to take advantage of it.”

On if he believes the job requires acting like a politician:

“I think everybody has to be a bit of one in all their jobs just to manage their role. But, no, I think everything I say I stand behind and I mean it. Why would you not want to be a part of a winning brand? Why would you not build for the future? In any place you are, why would you not think ahead and think about, ‘If I’m here, what do I want? The future that I am going to live into, what do I want that to look like?’ So I think we all live in the present and we also look to the future at the same time trying to build a better place for whatever we are doing. But I want to be associated with winning and I think that is what it’s about, is building that. I’ve talked about that going back – I think it was two training camps ago – talking about comparing it to the San Antonio Spurs and how that is really the goal. I don’t need to be flashy. I don’t need to be someone with a lot of hype. I don’t need to be someone who gets a lot of articles written about them in August. I want to be somebody who has substance and who has a lot to him and people see say, ‘He does things the right way and ultimately he wins.’ That’s what matters to me [rather] than just being a flash in a pan or having some initial excitement. I want to be somebody who lasts for the long haul.”