Jay Gruden: "The big thing is just to stay focused"

Submitted by Jenny on Mon, 09/24/2018 - 11:47
Redskins vs. Packers

Source: Redskins Public Relations


On injuries:
The only injury of note is Morgan Moses, concussion. He got evaluated for a concussion [and] stayed out of the game.

On the running game this week vs. last week:
We had a lot of opportunities to get it done, convert on some key third downs, Alex [Smith] with his legs,
some other thirds downs. We were able to stay on track and hit some nice jumps. In the fourth quarter there when we needed it the most, Adrian [Peterson] was able to make a big impact.”

On DL Jonathan Allen:
Yeah, Jonathan played good. You know, the whole defensive line, they continued to rush, continued to
pressure Aaron [Rodgers] as best they could. They had some great rushes. They had some tough downs in there, but what I liked best about their game today was their nonstop effort. You know, it´s not an easy task to chase that guy around the field all day. They did a great job. [They] gave up some hits in the running game, gave up a couple drives but that´s going to happen when you´re playing Aaron Rodgers.
I´m happy most about the way they played and continued to play for four quarters.

On the passing game today:
Yeah, it was good to get some guys involved there. Paul Richardson, got him a deep shot. We´ve been
trying to get some of those going. Jamison [Crowder] had some big plays, Jordan [Reed] had a couple big plays, Vernon [Davis] had a big play and that´s what we try to do. Distribute the ball to the open guy and Alex [Smith] did an excellent job. But you can´t do that without time to get the ball out of your hands. For the most part, I was very impressed with our offensive line—the way they handled the running game and the pass protection with a few exceptions but very, very pleased with the way they played and Alex [Smith] and the rest of the gang.

On getting TE Jordan Reed involved:
“There’s a concerted effort to get Jordan involved every week and really, he’s a great player. We’re trying to manage him early in the season, make sure he gets back to full strength. Whether he’s there or not, you can ask him, but he’s looking better and better each week at practice and helping at the games. It’s good to get Vernon Davis some shot plays down the field. Chris Thompson didn’t show up a lot there,they were doing a good job at covering Chris, but other guys were able to make some plays because of that.”

On defense in the third quarter:
“I was really pleased. You know, I knew Aaron Rodgers was going to make a run. I mean, he does it all the time. He’s been playing for a long time and made many, many, many runs, so third quarter they got the ball to start the quarter and they held the ball for probably about eight minutes I think. And we came out and had a quick three-and-out, and our defense did a great job of holding them in some key situations and getting off the field and getting our offense a chance to make some plays there in the very end.

On the team after the first three games:
“Yeah, we’ve kind of been a little up and down so to speak. I like the way we came out and I tell them today, you know, we play with that type of energy and that type of effort every week we’re pretty dangerous. So the big thing is just to stay focused, stay humble and move forward. Handle the bye week like pros and come back ready to roll. Get ready for a tough New Orleans team on the road on Monday night.”